Yammer suddendly got deleted?

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Hey dear Yammer community


The Microsoft support referred me with a rough hang up on the phone on the Yammer forum for support.

So here i am, and not even quite sure if i'm on the correct spot.


I'd be really glad if you could clear things up for me.

My company is (or was) using a Yammer service. Suddenly or CEO couln't log in, so i was trying it myself.


It seems that our whole space***domain**.ch/ wasn't registered anymore.


Can someone please explain how this can happen? Our CEO searched all the way through his e-mail if there was a message that we have to switch to the O365 Version or a information that our space will be deleted soon. But there was nothing.


I'd really appreciate if someone could clarify this or give me some good reasons how this can happen.


Thank you very much in advance and best regards


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How have you determined that the network isn't registered anymore? Is the domain for the network verified in Office 365? Is it a Yammer freemium network? What error message do you get when trying to sign in? Can you sign up for a new account via email? Sounds more like an access issue. 

Hey there


Thank you for your quick reply.


It's a Yammer freemium service, that's why i was referred to the forums, and also didn't get help on the hotline.


We don't use O365, only the Yammer service. When i try to login to Yammer it says:


Incorrect username or password

Trouble logging in? Your organization's login requirements may have recently changed.
Reset Your Password or contact your admin for help.
When i try to reset my password, i don't get an e-mail.
Can't be blocked by spam, because i tried to register a account with another domain and address, and this seems to work. (Using the same mail gateway)
I also can't sign up with my original e-mail which was already regsitered. It tells me that an e-mail was sent for verification, but i recieved no e-mail (also can't be spam because the two addresses i used, are using the same mail gateway.) With the new address i recieved the e-mail, but not with the old already registered one.
Can't be an access issue, because meanwhile a handfull of people tried to login to the yammer service and nobody could login.
We now tested it with 5 accounts, and i really believe that it can't be possible that all the passwords were wrong, because they used it quite frequently.
really strange
Is anything known that the service got dismissed because we missed to like confirm a e-mail for continuing the service or because we should have migrated to O365, and we didn't?
Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate it!
Best regards

Hey Pooya



I found out that when i tried to login via our Azure ADFS Login i got redirected to our Yammer Page again, but the strange thing is we never updated our Yammer Service to O365, how can that be?


I'm really missing something here i guess.

I'm also not that deep into the technical stuff, but how can it link the Azure Login automatically with the Yammer Service?




Yammer freemium is still working for me and as you mentioned, you were able to create an account on a different network. Haven't seen any update w.r.t. Microsoft getting rid of the freemium version of Yammer. That would require an update as a lot of companies make use of the free version. I'm assuming that the users now also can't connect using the app. Could you try to create a new account on the same network and see if you get the email? 


Something else you could try: create a trial O365 environment and verify the domain. This will activate the enterprise version of Yammer, giving you admin access to the network. Not sure if this is a good idea as you are using the domain somewhere else, but it's the only thing I can think of. The network probably reverts to freemium when the trial ends. Also can't guarantee that this will give you access to the network as I'm not sure why you're facing this issue. 

Seeing a redirection means that you're not using the freemium version of Yammer. With Yammer enterprise, you can enforce O365 identities and you can restrict access to users that have a license for Yammer. There are also security settings that could block access (e.g. IP range). Could you share screenshots here of what you experience? Could it be that someone from IT has verified the domain in an O365 environment? This could be a trial environment as mentioned in my previous reply. Domain verification needs to be completed by adding a TXT or MX record into your public facing DNS. This is not something a random user can do.

Can't imagine someone verified the domain. Our company has around 50 employees, only 3 guys from the IT know about the possibilities of Yammer. We had a fusion 2 years ago. And Yammer was only used by one company.

The only admin there is is our CEO, and i'm pretty sure he didn't do anything, espacially not verifying the domain.

Also MX Records haven't changed, because normally those to through an approve of our teamleader with which i'm working very close together.


Where can i check if i'm running the trial version of the O365 Yammer version? Can this only be done by an admin? I, myself haven't got an admin account yet.

If yes, i'll go check with our CEO and then decide what we want to do next!

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Freemium Yammer networks don't have admins. All users sign up via email and they have the same permissions. You need to activate the network (verify the domain in an O365 tenant) to get admin access. The global admin of O365 will automatically get admin privileges after signing up for an account. You can't really determine if it's a freemium network from the outside. You can find out something. When you try to log in and get a redirect (see screenshot), then you can conclude that it's not a freemium network. Without a redirect, it's freemium or it's enterprise, but they haven't yet enforced O365 identities.

Hey Pooya


Wow that helped me a lot!

No i understand the diffrence between freemium Yammer and the enterprise version.

Also your screenshot is very helpful.


Thank you very much for tha clarification.


You can see this issue as resolved!


Thanks again and have a good day sir!


Best regards


sorry about the rough hang up brosef the yammer squadrant will work on it sees ya later dude. by the way you want a coffee