Yammer stats: active users

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Hello everyone. 


I'm struggling with the interpretation of Yammer active users.

Reading the definition, which goes "Any user who has read, posted, or liked a message on Yammer".


I wonder:


1) If I get an email notification about a post and I like it/react to it from the email itself (i.e. without actually accessing the platform) - am I still considered among active users for the selected timeframe?


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks!

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Yes, that's an active user (and using the device "other" in the M365 Usage Analytics in the M365 Admin Center).
Many thanks!

Many thanks Kevin! As a follow-up question I'm confused as to how the "active people" metric is computed. I understand the definition but I see some inconsistencies. Meaning, on yammer.com the "active people" count is different than when the csv. file is exported (higher number). See pics below. I assume that when you export the csv, "active people" actually means "active sessions" (I.e. if the same person performs multiple actions then it's counted as >1 active person?). Could you pls clarify this? And, if so, what's in our opinion the best metric/way to obtain the total number of active people over longer periods of time (i.e. one year - since the export goes back to 365 days while stats on yammer.com can only be consulted monthly).Past 7 days, on yammer.comPast 7 days, on yammer.comPast 7 days, exportedPast 7 days, exported