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Hi. I need some advice on Yammer stats and I'm hoping you can help me. I'm trying to make a business case for continuing to use Yammer as our internal SoMe network - is there a quick way to see the statistics against my posts? Number of views/interactions/etc without looking up the individual posts? Thanks :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:
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There are three levels of built in stats.

1) Conversation level
This is in Conversation Insights for each post

2) Community insights
Stats for the entire community

3) Network stats
Yammer is included in the Usage stats in the M365 Admin Center. This covers use of Yammer as a whole, how many users are engaging each day, etc.

There are third party apps that provide additional analytics including Swoop and TyGraph.

@Kevin CrossmanThanks very much for taking the time to respond so comprehensively. It's massively appreciated.


My challenge is that I post regularly on an all-company community - I'm one of many people posting to the community. What I want to do is see the insights for my posts together - which posts have done well, how many views, likes, comments, etc. I always post with the #cultureandengagement - can I use that to gather insights?


Thanks again for your help here


@Abbiepound Yammer gives you basic analytics. If you need to have deeper data you need to integrate Yammer with Grytics or TyGraph.

We help companies creating Internal Comms dashboards and we are Grytics partners. If you need further information feel free to contact me Email address removed


Thanks for the insight @vlombardo I'll take a look!