Yammer Site's "Company Resource Links" / "Pinned Links"

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The Yammer site has a new design to it - however the "enhancement" may have also broken something.


Our company has been using the Yammer site for years now, and never had a problem with the "Pinned Links" listing (previously listed as "Company Resource Links?") - which shows in the right side panel when you go to the main category.


I think the new "redesign" may have broken things - since the "Pinned Links" can no longer be dragged up and down in the list as far as ordering. If you are replacing a link, you have to delete it - and new ones appear at the bottom with no method to move them up in the order.


I've tried multiple times with different approaches but nothing. Is this a known issue?


Please help - since we'd like to be able to add "more important" links to the top - and not be constrained by what appears to be a mistake in the new site.


Thanks, and take care.

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@promote_kindness I think the next issue you will face is that in the new Yammer, the Company Resources panel does not exist.





Thanks for responding, mrashruf - and I think you might be right. lol   Are you just joking or do you actually know that Microsoft is planning for the "pinned links" panel to become obsolete?


I'm still amazed at how much $$$ Microsoft charges for these services - and yet the Yammer site will randomly "be unavailable" for hours at a time - or they'll just remove features out of nowhere. Yikes. Again, for emphasis -  yikes.


IS THIS a legitimate board for Yammer?? If it's not the official board - where's the real deal? How is there 0 response from MS about ongoing issues after multiple days???


We've lost the ability to "re-order" links - and I guess we have to hope that they don't remove the whole panel entirely eh?   Anyone at Microsoft out there?? Anyone?? Anyone?? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? 


*shrugs shoulders at this convoluted mess*  lol



Wow, this board is like a Ghost Town - I guess I should look for Yammer support elsewhere? 


*crickets chirp*


So to recap, it's been a FULL WEEK with no information of any kind.   Yep, definitely a Ghost Town I guess. I'm hoping for action - but I'm not THAT naive to think it will happen! ;)

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@promote_kindness Yes, that's a known issue. At Ignite, Microsoft announced some improvements and additional elements being added to the right rail, so there is hope this will be addressed.


As a point of clarification, this is the Microsoft Tech Community - not Microsoft Tech Support.

Hi Kevin,


Thanks for the help, and either way hopefully they address the problem.


Thanks again and Take care!



@Kevin Crossman 

@Kevin Crossman i just ran into the same issue as experienced by @promote_kindness in 2020.  15 months later and the problem is not solved.

Will this ever be solved, or do we need to live with what we have?

I'm still hoping it will be solved - since it's definitely STILL annoying to have to DELETE ALL links and RE-ADD them if you need to re-order them.

Thanks for bringing it up Hgreyling, and take care! : - )