Yammer shows Unread Messages alert, but all messages have been read

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We're seeing an issue with a number of users who are showing the 'unread messages' badge in Yammer, but those same users have no messages to read - I've attached a screenshot.


I suspect that the cause is announcements posted to a group, then the group has been deleted before the users in question have read those announcements (in this case, the announcement was that the group was going to be deleted!)


Has anyone else seen this?

Is there a known fix to resolve this?


Thanks in advance.



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Do the unread messages ever go away?
I have this happen from time to time and the ghost unread notification/item eventually goes away.

It seems that they don't - my own account has been showing two notifications for a couple of months now.

That definitely doesn't sound right. I'd suggest logging a Service Request.

Service request is definitely the answer.  Had this happen for me and several other people.  The service request people have a way of finding which thread is half-marked as read.  They'll give you a thread ID / URL, and once you read that particular thread, the unread alert goes away.  Known quirk, but they shouldn't charge you for the call.