Yammer Service Updates External Group


For those who may have missed it the message in the old Yammer entwork, we have a Yammer Service Update External Group to share news around A/B testing and service communications that wouldn’t necessarily be posted here. This doesn’t replace the Yammer spaces in this Tech Community.


If you’d like to join the external group, please add your email address here: https://aka.ms/yamserviceupdatessignup and we’ll keep adding members every couple of days. Please note you need to be able to join External Groups for access to this group.


@Steve Nguyen @Naomi Moneypenny

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@Angus Florance, the link to the form no longer works. Any changes to allowing people to sign up and join the external group? Thanks!

Dosn't work for me too. :(

Yeah sorry. New policies make it hard to capture customers email addresses. We are working with the product team to get a smoother solution to add people to external groups. FWIW, any member can add new people to the group.
Would someone already in the group mind adding mr in since the above link doesn't work anymore? jpickerell at troyusd dot org?