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Hello - I'm new to Yammer and am having trouble finding how the search should work for People.  I expected that if I searched for something like "gardening" I'd get all the conversations, files, people, etc. related to that topic.  I thought that if people filled out "interests and hobbies" in their Office profile that the Yammer search would find that and display those hits under "People".  But testing with users entering interests turns up no search results in Yammer.  In Delve however, if I search "gardening" I get the people that put that in their Office profile.   Could someone explain what results I should see under Yammer search results in the People category?  




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The descriptive text in the Office profile is not currently searchable in Yammer (or in MS Teams, FWIW).
First Name, Last Name, and Title are all searchable fields in Yammer.
Thank you for the information, this is surprising and was one reason we wanted to use Yammer to connect people, so they could search on keywords and find people with similar interests. We could work around it but you would think the profile would be more accessible across the products.