Yammer search for files?


Hi - I was wondering if anyone knows if there are plans for yammer to allow for searching in a more rounded location for files.  For instance if I search in Yammer on the top search bar and choose Files it seems to only search the location in Sharepoint under the Apps/Yammer path.  If you go up two levels that is the root Documents folder where I have other documents and folders.  Yammer does not seem to honor that location and hoping it will one day?  Basically I am trying to give my users an easy way to search for files we have stored in a structured location and not just the Apps/Yammer path.   Any feedback appreciated.   Thank you.

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Actually it seems even adding a new file to the Apps/Yammer i can't search for it in Yammer search bar. Seems to work in the Sharepoint site. Can anyone else reproduce that? Maybe there is a delayed index on the new files within the Yammer search?