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Hello Yammeners,


As a part of the Yammer dashboard is now included to the O365 admin, are the data in the export still correct ?

!!)Additionnally, any advices about a specific (and complete !!) tool for statistics (primary network and external ...)


Thank you.

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The data in the export is absolutely correct.  Every user, post, and group is recorded in that export.


The built-in Yammer analytics feature (https://www.yammer.com/<networkname>/analytics), however, does not have reliable data.


There are many third party tools which will look at your network and give you phenomenal reports.  I like tyGraph the most, but there are others such as Swoop.


Specific and complete tool - not sure what you mean there.  No software in the world is perfect.  (Though Notepad.exe comes close, in my opinion.)



Hi Tom - can you elaborate as to your preference for tyGraph over Swoop? I'm yet to see tyGraphy but I really like the strong business lens that Swoop has, enabling insights to be accessed and understood easily across the organisation...

Fair question.  I should clarify that I've only used tyGraph and have been very impressed with both the product and the support team.  I shouldn't have said "I like it most", since I've only used the one product. 


I like the approach, though, of open non-proprietary evaluation of the health and vitality of a network based on its activity.  When presenting the findings of an analytics tool, I like to be able to answer questions from the audience about the methodology of getting the results.  I also like the high-degree of customization available in the PowerBI-based report.   

The cost of the statistics plugins for Yammer seem VERY high. I wish there was an easier way to pull reports from Yammer. I hear if an admin has O365 access more Yammer stats are in that dashboard. I do not have that access so cannot tell :(


What do you report on for your Yammer community to show growth or success and what tools do you use?

I just learned powershell a few months ago (4 or so) and I was able to make a solution using PowerShell and Tableau (You can swap Tableau with Power BI if you want) fairly easily......


And honestly it provides a lot more than most of those solutions.... and doesn't require you to send your data externally.



You really don't need powershell either if you aren't interested in likes... people's followers/followed statistics.... etc... just manipulating the messages.csv / users.csv

I'm not sure if this answers your question, but piggy backing off of it: I just did a data export on the last 30 days within the yammer data extract, and O365 data extract for Yammer, looking at active users. The numbers didn't match by about 240 users.


Similarly, the number of users listed as members in All Co. was different again.


Do the data exports measure active users differently? 

For me SWOOP or TyGraph is a 'Form or Function' question. SWOOP is instantly visually accessible but it's form is relatively fixed. TyGraph is accessible (in a 'it looks like Excel on steroids' kind of way) but it's strength lies in its malleability. So if your requirement is to slice and dice data your way then TyGraph is probably the tool for you. If visual accessibility is the key combined with unique takes on personas and collaboration then perhaps SWOOP is the tool for you. If your pockets are deep enough then consider both as they compliment each other.

Hi Victor,


One of our project requirement is to get the no of followers/ followed , could you please shed some light on how did you get this information also wher did you extract this information from?


Appreciate your help!




You could probably use







What I would do is use my data export to get a list of user IDs, and then use a for / each loop in PowerShell to go query for each user.  You need to do a do / while loop  or something similar to get all the pages.  (It only gives but so many at a time.


To see how it works, try putting in your ID, and instead of .json, use .xml.   The first 50 people you follow or who are following you should be displayed.  The script would have to go get for each page.  Another way to get the pages is to query https://www.yammer.com/api/v1/users/[:UserID].json and read the total following and followers number from the stats section, and then divide by 50 and loop through that many times until all the pages are returned.


Sorry it's not more complete, this just points in the direction to go. Does this help at all?


If you want to know who exactly is following who, you can use Tom's solution.


If you're attempting to recreate some of TyGraphs or Swoops ones where they show who has the most followers or is following the most people, I use the second one Tom mentioned...




I do this all in powershell.


Do loop Until (Until $object.count -lt 50)

Hit the API

Add object to master object

Paginate through with a loop until the object returned has less than 50 users.

export-csv with -notype flag.

Utilize that in any presentation on Tableau.


You can also do likes through this sort of method too, but to date stamp them requires some more tricks.


Here's a dumb down version of the script, you'll have to add your own try catch and error handling as well as object handling. I know I missed some things, such as making sure to instantiate the master object first...


$pagenum = 1

$usersURI = ('https://www.yammer.com/api/v1/users.json?page='+ $pagenum)
$file = (Invoke-WebRequest -uri $usersURI -header $headers -Method get | ConvertFrom-Json)
$retrieved = $file | select id, name, email, state, department, @{n='followers'; e={ $_.stats.followers }}, @{n='following'; e={ $_.stats.following }}

$pagenum += 1

$master += retrieved


Until ($file.count -lt 50)

Thank you Tom and Victor, that is really helpful!


Hi, I am using the yammer export api to get yammer data from something like 3/4 years back . https://developer.yammer.com/docs/data-export-api    I am finding I cannot export large chunks of data just using the "since" parameter. The "until" parameter does not work . Does anyone know how to get around this?