Yammer "All Company" Weekly digests don't get sent to certain users

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Dear Forum,


I just did a Message Trace to see if this problem is for all our users, but this doesn't seem to be the case. (including me, since 10/08)


Some users are not receiving their Yammer Weekly Digest in their mailbox. This used to come automatically for every user, regardless of their specific settings (such as opt-out). Did anything change? Users didn't need to edit their settings specifically, this is something we centrally organize.


I'm doing an advanced message trace to see when and where it went wrong, but so far I don't really have a clue.


Thanks in advance.


Kind regards,

Stein G.

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@SteinG645 I'd suggest contacting MS Support.

@Kevin Crossman I'll try via our CSP, as I can only get support from Microsoft that way. I was hoping seeing other people that might have had the same issues before having to start paying for the support tickets.