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The recent Yammer Blog - Yammer Explained: Q&A showcases best practices from several successful Yammer customers.  Among these were tips on marking best answers, filtering questions, and changing a discussion post to a question. 

Interestingly, the data gathered by Yammer shows that on average, questions are viewed for a longer timeframe than other posts. 


What are some Question and Answers community spaces you've created in Yammer?  And how do you keep your communities engaged with them?




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I created communities that offer support for M365 applications. Basically, those are mostly Q&A communities has someone with a question can just raise it there and gets answered by peers. To keep communities engaged, it is in my opinion highly critical to have a moderator, someone that will make sure questions are answered and if not, maybe can @mention someone that could know the answer. Also, adding some tips and tricks (no question thus) as regular posts on those communities has helped keeping them active as people interest also could go there or follow the communities for those tips (and once on the community, they could take some time to check posts and answer questions from colleagues) :)