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I wonder if anyone can help with a query. I have Yammer at work and we find it useful to communicate with colleagues and for them to raise issues/ideas. I am a member of too many groups to count and keeping up with all the conversations is very time consuming. Is there any way that I can change settings to only get a push notification for the original thread and not every response to the thread? If I am interested in a thread then I can join or save. But if I've read a thread that's not relevant to me, then i have no real need to read the 20 responses to that threat. I hope this makes sense. Is there a way to do this or if not is this something that may change in the future? Thanks

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Not sure what you mean by push notification.  Do you mean email?  I don't really look at any of the email notifications; I just use the UI.  If I want to follow the conversation, I use the follow in inbox feature, and then if the conversation drifts into uninteresting territory, I can unfollow.  


The UI does this sort of thing a lot more cleanly than the email bit.  You can scan the conversation starters within each group just by scrolling through it, and pick which ones you want to expand.


Does that help at all?

Some good questions.


Yammer generally make it as efficient as possible to go through groups with new messages. This an some other techniques for staying active / engaged in Yammer are covered in my session from MS Ignite (deck and video available)



There isn't a facility to be notified only for the first posts in a thread. In the case where the conversation is being pushed into your Yammer Inbox (because you were @ mentioned or if you replied to the thread), you can stop following the thread in your inbox.


Thanks for the responses however it's not email notification I was thinking off. We have a thread page and on the left had side I can see all the groups I am a member of. If there is a new thread or a new response to a thread on one of my groups then there will be a notification (i.e. a number next to the thread to show the number I haven't viewed yet). However the majority of these are responses to threads I have read and already discounted as of no interest to me and my job. I wanted to know if there was a way to only have a new flag appear when there is a new thread instead.