Yammer Profile Photo in IE and Chrome on Win 8.1\10

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We are seeing an issue with Internet Explorer 11 whereby our photo is not showing in Yammer (See below). Any other section of O365 works fine and displays the photo, just not Yammer. Chrome will show it ok after a few seconds delay but so far Firefox\Internet Explorer\Safari wont show this. Tried on a fresh machine (just built) and we see the same behaviour there. Is this something anyone else has seen or knows about by chance?

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I have seen this issue as well, I would like to know if there is a fix to this or if anyone knows why this occurs.

That's not the Yammer photo. That's the O365 photo you have. 


Yammer photo is located on the bottom left side of your screen.


In addition, I have raised a case with Microsoft because I have cases were user O365 photo is not populated on Yammer.

Thanks for the reply Rodolfo - may i ask the MS ticket number you have open? Also it is strange that everyother app in O365 shows my picture, just not Yammer. I see this is the same issue you are facing? Does Chrome work for you as it does for me?


I cannot share that information due that it contains information from my company but as soon as get news from Microsoft I will share them here. 


In addition, our issues are not related to the browser. Is more an issue with the sync between O365 directory and Yammer user profile. 

We're still seeing this issue.  Just seems like the O365 identity isn't pulling the image / profile properly when within the Yammer tool, even if you're authenticated to Yammer through O365.



I'm still working with Microsoft on this issue. The sync is event-based versus a continuous poll for updates from O365. So if the user do not change his O365 profile the information will not flow to Yammer. Also it looks like we when you change the something on the O365 the push will update the changed fields only. But as I say we are still working on the issue..


I'll keep you posted

I think the behavior you describe is actually by design.  If there is profile data within Yammer, that data is not updated by O365 profile updates.


The issue I'm talking about is that the Office 365 profile picture is not available when using Yammer.  


Here's a picture of my headings, using Yammer vs. using Outlook.




This is a Suite Bar wiring problem which is exposed in certain browsers or implementations of Office 365. It's not a Yammer issue per se (just more frequently observed in Yammer [0] ). The Suite Bar *should* be getting the profile picture from the Office 365 Directory Service (which in turn goes out to Exchange Online) as that is where the image is stored [1]. In turn this image is pushed down to SharePoint for use there [2]. SharePoint can use one of three renditions of the image based on the component that needs it.

Yammer gets its profile information from the Office 365 Directory Service but it only takes the User items [3]. Avatars work in Yammer, whilst perhaps the Suite Bar does not have an image, as [4]:


“If a user's Yammer profile does not include a picture, the profile will be updated with the user's Office 365 profile picture. This update is initiated when the user logs in to Yammer and will be reflected in the Yammer profile within few hours. If the user later updates his or her Office 365 profile picture, the Yammer profile picture will also update after the user logs into Yammer.”


Note the into Yammer bit. There are issues around token expiry - so you swap between sessions and nothing updates as your current sign in token is still vaild (i.e. Yammer rightly thinks you've not logged out). I've seen similar problems with Planner and having to sign back in even though I have an active SharePoint session in another tab. I’ve seen issues where browsers have given up trying to get the image etc.


This all points back to the Suite Bar and Identity Management (both token and properties like profile images). All in all not an ideal situation, but one not really down to Yammer.



[0] I’ve seen other mismatches – my current profile image in Office 2016 Apps, with the exception of Outlook, is different to the one in the Office 365 Suite Bar *but* Office 365 ProPlus should be wired up via Azure AD.


[1] The image is stored in Exchange - https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Add-your-user-photo-to-Office-365-2eaf93fd-b3f1-43b9-9cdc-b... - It can be manipulated by the Set-UserPhoto (which is an Exchange commandlet). It is also why (regrettably) people still need to lead with Exchange Online if they want the most cohesive onboarding experience into the other workloads.]

[2] I’m not aware that the actual sync interval is published by Microsoft but authors of articles like this one https://spbreed.wordpress.com/2015/11/06/demystifying-user-profile-picture-sync-in-office365/ go into the details of the inner workings. In SharePoint, images can be stored in - https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/microsoft.sharepoint.client.userprofiles.peoplemanag... .

[3] This article has a useful table with the attributes passed through to the various services in Office 365. For Yammer (see the Third Party section) https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/azure/active-directory/connect/active-directory-aadconnectsync-attr... .


[4] Taken from the FAQ in this article https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Manage-Yammer-users-across-their-life-cycle-from-Office-365...




Thanks for this breakdown @Simon Denton! To recap, the O365 profile picture should get pushed to Yammer, but there is a issue that is preventing that, is that correct? Is it something I should open a ticket for as well?

Almost. Yammer takes the profile image and uses it as the avatar alongside posts. There appears to be an issue with the Suite Bar where it is not using your Profile image. So you end up with the sillhoute profile picture in the Suite Bar but your actual picture as an avatar alongside posts. I'd go with a ticket but get it directed towards the Suite Bar rather than Yammer (as it is working in that bit). Make sense?


Also, definitely go with a ticket if your Yammer avatars do not have pictures. Something is blocking the pull down of the Office 365 profile picture. It could be something as simple as deleting profile images in Yammer, waiting and it should push down but best if Microsoft look into it. (This might also flush out whether Yammer are calling the image in Exchange Online or from somewhere else.)


Thinking this through. If you do not have Exchange Online lit up and the user license assigned, Office 365 has nowhere to store the image. You might have Suite Bar images in SharePoint if when viewing a SharePoint site it uses the SharePoint User Profile image. This does not make sense to me - to my mind the profile image should sit outside Exchange Online or SharePoint Online i.e. treat it like the other core AD properties and make it service agnostic. This would also help companies who do not want to lead with Exchange Online first etc.  Tickets like yours would hopefully flush out some more clarity about the wiring.




I think raising tickets is the way forward as we all need some clear guidance and ideally a fix - whilst some might feel it is a minor point it is one of those things that make people grumble and start to question cohesion across products. When driving adoption we need people not to worry about items like this.



@Matt Thompson Did you ever find a resolution on this? I am experiencing this same problem