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I'm working in a school and we were planning a teachers training plan and praises were a fundamental part of it. A couple of months ago I used prises with my students with great results. Now I can't find the prise tab under profiles. Can you please tell me how can I see the prises that a user has achieved?

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Praises aren't indexed very well; I'd love to see a nice collection of praises in a user's profile, even if it is just a tab. ETA: Just confirmed that there is no absolute method since they removed the link to praises on the user profile.

A mostly-feeble workaround is to Search by #praised or "praised"; I tried the hashtag first in case Yammer considers the function a topic. I don't think it actually makes a difference. I also used that particular tense because praise comes up as "Praised <name>" as the header.


But even that doesn't return all the Praises I thought had been done over the past couple years.


However, a third-party analytics vendor such as tyGraph can help you pull cool charts showing Users Praised.

You can also search or put an idea for what you want to see in Yammer Uservoice.

I agree... it would be great to see the ability to view praises against a user profile re-introduced; without it, the praise function looses some of its appeal

It was a feature a year ago that you could see Praise in a persons profile and I agree as you can't even  search for 'Praise' its loosing it's relevancy as a draw card for engagement.