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In Yammer. when you share a message from a private group, can someone who is NOT a member of that group see the full conversation unless you add them as a @ mention to the feed, correct? 


Question, is this a KNOWN behavior that needs to be communicated to our users due to intentional design, or is this a future feature that will soon be available or on the roadmap.


From the user community It’s a bit cumbersome in the functionality due to there is an EXPECTED action because follow-up message states “ To view the conversation… – link to conversation”, but receives error stating its private or deleted, only showing the one line.


Suggestion: Personally, we thought that sharing a conversation would give access to that ENTIRE conversation to everyone that we shared it with, and it’s a bit misleading that it implies by clicking to view the conversation it would then display the conversation as opposed to returning an error. Please Advise, if there is a fix  in the plans.


Kimberly Henderson

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By design, sharing a post from a private group will only share the single post and *NOT* the entire thread / conversation. @mentioning those outside the private group will give full access to that thread and *NOT* the entire group activity.

Sharing forks the conversation similar to an email forward. @mentioning brings all the relevant parties to a single conversation. Hope that helps. Hard to tease out the nuances in the product experience.