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Is there any way to change the policy in Yammer without having it pushed as a pop-up to the users that have received it before. I know that you can disable the popup completely but I would like to have it still appear to new user. 

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There is a setting that allows you to choose when users see the pop-up. More details here: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/set-up-a-yammer-usage-policy-13ededd2-4e56-452d-acbd-aab0b2...
Thanks - but from what I can see there I can only decide to push it to everyone or no one. I want to push it to no one except to new users.

My apologies. It's been a while since I looked at this particular feature. I was under the impression the highlighted option below was actually two different options. Looks like they've been combined now. Although my memory might be failing me. 


So given that, it doesn't appear there is an option to do what you want. Which the more I think about it makes sense. If you update a usage policy, especially after someone was accepted it, you should probably tell them that the policy has changed when it does. 



Having updated the Usage Policy, how long is it from saving the changes to it rolling out to members? I used a test network to get the formatting right but at no point did it actually appear for me to accept?


I then applied the new Usage Policy to the live network and still haven't had to accept it but others have.

I am guessing it understood you read the policy because you were the one who published it

@Kevin Crossman Sound logic there. Good point.