Yammer Planner and the Planner mobile app


I’m having trouble seeing a Yammer connected Planner in the Planner mobile app. I have posted a question in the Planner community. https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Planner/Yammer-Planner-and-Planner-Hub/m-p/143242#M1318

If you have any feedback or comments, I'd be grateful if you joined the conversation there.

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iOS or Android?


I notice that my Yammer Plans don't appear in the app until after I click on the plan on the Yammer web app at least once. If I have any task in other plans they do appear. This is the Android Planner app. Not sure about iOS. 

Yep I posted something a while ago to, I get the my tasks in the Android app for Yammer Planners ... but not the whole thing.


Also Yammer created Planners don't save as favorites ... which I suspect is the reason it doesn't show in the mobile app.

iOS. I have visited the Yammer plan from the Yammer Desktop app, which launches the plan in the browser. I managed to favourite it two days ago. The following morning, I accessed the Planner app from my iPad and the Yammer plan became visible, almost as if it was syncing to display it. Then it disappeared after a minute. I then opened the Planner app on my iPhone and got the same behaviour. Visible briefly, then gone.
I managed to save a Yammer plan as a favourite. I did so while I was testing how many favourite plans I could pin. I got bored after 13, but one of them was the Yammer plan. However the next day, it appeared in the iOS app and disappeared a minute later.

Yeah same on Android.