Yammer out in force at Intra.Reloaded Berlin Apr 2019

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I was asked to present in Berlin at the Intra.Reloaded Conference on on the use of Yammer as an alternative to WhatsApp (essentially moving from Shadow IT over to corporate tools).  I was pleasantly surprised by how many organisations were making great use of Yammer.  Despite its ageing feature set interest was still alive.  I would still say there was still significant lack of understanding from many others who had struggled to get traction with Yammer - not necessarily a product issue but more aligning use to organisational and individual needs.


We have taken a different route by aligning Yammer to our stratgeic communications goals.  We have 9 Core Yammer Groups owned by Internal Comms and where we target messaging and participation to colleagues based on their role and geographic location.  Each colleague is a member of up to 4 but usually 3.


We align membership to the relevant Core Group based on our Joiners-Movers-Leavers process so we can guarantee that Internal Comms can at least reach all of the relevant colleagues when needed.  Of course colleagues are allowed to join any of the other groups available.


We had significant interest on understanding this model of mandatory and optional group membership.


Interestingly there was little understanding of Yammer Connected Groups or Yammer Dynamic Groups.


I'll be speaking on this at my next conference in Amsterdam (Unleash Internal Comms) in May 2019.


Intra.Reloaded Berlin Apr 2019



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