Yammer Offline?

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Looks like Yammer isn't loading content right now, at least for me.  Nothing on the site status site.  Here's the error I'm seeing.  Anyone else?



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Yammer is down for us as well. It is giving a 503 Service Unavailable

Same thing here. Getting the 503 Service Unavailable.
best response confirmed by Anna Chu (Microsoft)
Yep ... Team is aware and investigating now. I'm told the status site will be updated shortly.

Dry run for the big Sept 1 shut down?  Smiley Wink

Definitely not @Brent Ellis

Yammer is down for us too. Ugh.
Seems to be fixed for us now.

Back up for us as well.

We're back too

We are still down but just got this from MS: I do love the quick responses.


Hi Christine,


Sorry for the inconvenience due to DNS issue the interruption is happened again. Our Backend team is working on the same. We will keep you posted the status soon.




We've been discussing this issue here:


Yammer is in good company.  Lots of sites (including Twitter) aren't very accessable right now.