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Step asside from Yammer for a half a year and everything changes. I am keen to leverage Yammer to promote conversations in the adoption of Office 365 in a new business. I am trying to work out how to enable conversations for a site, library or document. Searching led me to this video How to install the Yammer App from the store, it refers to a microsoft Yammer app, but now the app is only from Blue rooster and seems less general. www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUWYjXybKbc&index=1&list=PLEqFfmUeUYpD5y-qNBXT9LxAD_FNhFbcW


Can anyone tell me whats going on and where best to source yamer o365 Intergration tools?

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Yammer Embed will be the best option to use Yammer Conversation in Site Pages.
You can read more at https://developer.yammer.com/docs/embed 

You can configure the emebed code from here https://www.yammer.com/widget/configure

Agreed; Yammer embed is the best method to display Yammer within SharePoint and the sites @Rashid Mohammed mentions are excellent. 


Perhaps this attached document might grant you additional assistance.  Basically, use the Script Editor Web Part rather than any other app part...

Except that it is not possible to embed the whole network but only a group ....

I don't know what value embedding a whole network would be; for that use case I would suggest a link which opens in a new tab, and advise the users to use the full UI to enteract with a whole network.

Offcourse you can use Yammer Embed to show the network feed instead of Group feed. Try this:




"config": {

"use_sso": false,

"header": true,

"footer": true,

"showOpenGraphPreview": false,

"defaultToCanonical": false,

"hideNetworkName": false


"container": "#embedded-feed" });