Yammer O365 Groups creating duplicate groups

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I FINALLY have Yammer creating O365 groups! 


The issue is that there are groups with the same name so O365 adds a number to the end of the URL for the Yammer group.


Is there a way to sync the existing O365 group to the Yammer groups so there is just one group?

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@Eric Adler Unfortunately that's not the way it works.


Existing O365 Groups (e.g. Groups not created in Yammer) cannot be connected to Yammer. Only groups created in Yammer itself can have the Yammer connectivity with O365 Groups. It cannot be added later.


When our Yammer network got O365 Group connectivity we did have to do some content migration from the SharePoint sites to rationalize the group experience (to have one community, not two).

Thanks for the info. I completely understand the hight of that technical challenge.

I assume this changes the interaction with Teams and Stream.

One use case we have is we have created a Yammer channel for all O365 products, including Yammer, and Stream. Now when we do live broadcasts and so forth I assume that is all in the new group.

Would you recommend we delete the yammer channel, the associated numbered group and start from scratch?