Yammer/O365 group guest access

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Hi all,

In an O365 group we have the ability to invite guests e.g. (jane@outlook.com)

When creating a group via Yammer which is linked to an O365 group can we also invite guests (jane@outlook.com) who can participate in the Yammer convo are related group services that guest have access to?


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If the group is an external group you can invite people from outside the network but some email domains are blocked.

@Geoffrey Bronner Thanks Geoffrey, I understand that currently Yammer external group only supports invites outside the organization which are "work" emails and not consumer. 


My questions is that since yammer groups is intigrating with O365 groups will it be possible to invite externals e.g. someone@outlook.com which you can do in an O365 Group currenlty if you have it setup to do so.


Hope this makes sense.

Would be good to know where we stand on that. Since it will influence whether we go for an external network or try to use External groups. We have a project coming up where we do not yet know if the partners we are working with will have have their own domains or not.

From our general contacts, we know that at least 8000 people we partner with have the Gmail / outlook.com email addresses simply because they are individual contractors etc.