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We're trying to set it up so everyone in our company receives a notification in Teams (activity) when someone posts in Yammer. People are posting but no one knows about it as they don't get a notification. 


We're not sure what the requirements are for this? Does each individual have to have both the Yammer and communities app installed and manually turn on their notifications in their admin settings for our 'all company' group?


This seems quite a task to ask everyone to do, is there any way we can update indv's setting from the admin area?


Or is this not possible?


Otherwise, is our best option to use the Teams 'post' area for our social posts?



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Can you say more about your use case? Unless there is very little activity in your Yammer network I cannot understand why you would want all users to receive notifications anytime *anyone* posts in Yammer.

Within Yammer, users receive a Yammer Inbox notification when:
a) An announcement is made in a community they are a member of
b) Someone @ mentions them
c) When someone replies to a thread they've created or replied to

Within Teams, users receive a notification by default if they have the Yammer Communities app installed and pinned, but only for Yammer Inbox notifications. Not for notifications of any post in a community or across the network.

Hi @OliviaPortland 


To achieve your requirement I think that you would need to push the Yammer Communities Teams App to your users.  This is covered here Manage your apps in the Microsoft Teams admin center - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


I suggest running an experiment comparing this user experience vs just using teams for the relevant content that you need your employees to see.     If you need any support with this feel free to reach out :)


Further info that may be of use:


Yammer notifications are well documented here Enable or disable Yammer email and phone notifications - Microsoft 365 - Note that there are subtle differences in notification behavior for the All Company community.


Communities team app notification capabilities are here Use the Yammer Communities app for Microsoft Teams -


General Teams notification info - Manage notifications in Teams - Office Support (microsoft.com)


Further Teams notification info - Six things to know about notifications - Office Support (microsoft.com)


Hope that helps.