Yammer - Native alignment tool, handeling errors

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Tenant has been using Yammer since 2016, we are getting errors running the alignment tool. Red error message on top, and an error report is generated, nice. But I cant find any guidance on how to resolve these errors... Any help out there?

Error message:

Your network is not in Native Mode

  • Alignment Tool Status: Failed.
  • Next steps: Resolve errors listed in the Error Report, then re-run the Alignment Tool

Error log contains four types of errors:

1. OrphanReason(fileId=<id>, groupId=0, reason=AllCompany)

2. Some files in this group weren't migrated.

3. SystemNotSupportedException. Callstack: The given path's format is not supported. CallStack -- at System.Security.Permissions.FileIOPermission.EmulateFileIOPermissionChecks(String fullPath)

4. org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "groups_yammer_group_id_index"

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@techramblerwe have the same problem. In addition, I checked some files, for example, orphaned files in All Company, and I could open them without any problem. The same for the accessing files errors . I checked for random files and all of them are image files, not office 365 files...

I guess that we have to download all the files and then upload them again if someone asked for them...

I re-run the tool yesterday and the SQL-errors (point 4 above) seems to be resolved, but the first three are still there.
Seems like I was able to resolve errors 1-3 by renaming the files.

From the error-log, copy and paste URL to failing attachments into browser - press the name of the attachment (on top) and rename it. Re-run alignment tool.

Looks like Yammer for iOS back in 2016 named (or allowed naming) pictures taken with a tailing time in HH:MM:SS format. The colons where the problem in my case.

@techrambler  thanks for this it's great!


Given it's a problem caused by the Yammer app, I have no idea why the alignment tool doesn't fix this automatically!



I had this issue and since the files were so old and just took a backup for specific users then I have used the below script that I've created with the Yammer API and I removed them I had 500 orphaned files! 


In the Excel file (Error report) you can see the "url", you need to remove the URL name except the digit number which is file id!


You can find Barrer Toke in the Yammer profile: 




ExcelFile = Import-Csv -Path "Path of excel file which you have it from error report"

foreach ($Item in $ExcelFile) {
    $ItemUrl = $Item.url
$baererToken = "The code that you generated"

$headers = @Authorization=("Bearer " + $baererToken) }
$webRequest = Invoke-RestMethod –Uri "https://www.yammer.com/api/v1/uploaded_files/$ItemUrl" –Method Delete -Headers $headers

I hope to be useful for you


For those still looking for a resolution to this issue, I opened a Microsoft case today and was presented with the SME for native mode migrations.  He is working on publishing 2 scripts to techcommunity soon and he was able to have me run against my production yammer to resolve errors for Special Characters and FileAlreadyExists errors.  He mentioned that the orphanedfiles errors are made up of these 2 buckets of errors so running these scripts and then re-starting the migration tool should reduce the number of errors on the next pass.  I will let him post the scripts but I do have a copy if someone is in need.

We're doing the same thing. The support person has been helpful but this has taken weeks so far and we're still not run (we've re-run the migration script around five times now).