Yammer Multiple Tenants -> External Network as primary destination after sign in

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Is it possible to edit the default Yammer URL (through the GUI or programmatically) that an Office365 user is redirected to after authenticating? We have 42 separate Microsoft Office tenants  - one for each of our schools (I've inherited this set up) and have a desire for a single Yammer instance to work across all of the business units. 

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Does this provide the answer you need? https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Network-migration-Consolidate-multiple-Yammer-networks-a22c... If it doesn't work for you, you could also white-list the other domains on one primary network and just promote the one network, placing very visible information on the other networks directing people to the primary.

Thanks for the contribution, but it's not a domain problem - it's a tenant limitation, admittedly of our own making because each of our schools is in their own Office365 tenant (43 in total). In order to migrate the networks, my understanding is that you need to have the verified domain in the destination tenant. That would mandate a full Office365 migration, which I'm trying to avoid.


The second option you've suggested is my back up plan, so I'm pleased that you've suggested it. The main issue I have with this is, if I send a link to the external network to everyone, they are asked to authenticate and at that point get redirected to their home tenant Yammer instance. I was wondering if that could be programatically changed to instead redirect to the external network in which case problem solved!!