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Hello all,


I'm sure this will have a simple answer...I just can't work it out in my head and we can't test it yet.

We have O365 E3 and a strict no BYOD policy; access via the on-premises network or via vpn and company owned laptops.


If someone installs the Yammer Mobile app on their own smartphone, how will it behave when they try to log into Yammer with their company email address and password?




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I'm assuming that your company policies are written and not actually implemented in your Office 365 tenant. Therefore, by default users would be able to access Yammer from their smartphones or home computers.


I believe what you might be looking for is Azure Active Directory Conditional Access - where you would have to load in your corporate subnets including the VPN pool addresses:


Essentially what you would be doing is blocking users from "untrusted networks" which in your case would be your corporate subnets.

That's right, it's up and running in the early stages and but not live for users yet.
Great answer, thank you for responding to my question, I appreciate your time.

You can also setup an IP whitelist to only allow connections from your network in the Security section of the Yammer admin area.  The result is that users can login fine while on the network, but recieve an error "Network Error: Sorry!  Something went wrong.  Please wait a moment and try again.  Error: -1011"


You'll want to educate your users what this error means and remind them to use their corporate device and enable VPN if necessary.