Yammer Migration from Tenant to Tenant

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Does anyone know of any 3rd party tools that will migrate a customers Yammer to a differnet Tenant?


I have a cuseotmer that is in bad shape. They have migrated from a parnter to Microsoft direct, but now they need there Yammer data. Microsoft has said there is no way to migrate the data to a new tenant.


There is an export feature, so the customer can get there data, but there is no way to import that into the new tenant. So this cusotmer is just SOL


I do not  understand why have an export and no way to import.


Does anyone know what we can do for this customer?


Do we just tell the customers "So sorry, but your SOL"?

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When Microsoft closed the old YCN Yammer customer network and moved that activity to another Yammer network they used a 3rd party migration tool to move over a large amount of content. Wasn't perfect but I'm drawing a blank on the name....

Valorem has done migrations in the past that I have participated in and experienced. Yammer doesn't play well when attempting to preserve context (timestamp and proper profile attribution) but it certainly is an option. Not sure I have the right @Steve Cummings but he made be able to fill in the details.

Hey Noah,

Yep right Steve and Valorem.  We did the original YCN content migration over to the O365 network.  Would be happy to talk about that and other customers that we've migrated.  As well as what the migration looks like and the options.


Much appreciated!
The first ever 3rd party app available for Yammer migration between tenants is now available.