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Does anyone happen to know why there is not always a nice preview picture of the page I am linking to in my Yammer posts?

Here is an example of one of my posts with picture preview:

Capture 1.PNG

And then an ugly link without preview:


Do you know why? And what can I do to make sure I always have a nice preview of the website page I link to in my posts? I am convinced a nice image helps in terms of engagement...

Thanks for your help

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I've run into this issue before and Microsoft explained that the generator that pulls images from websites needs to be updated. Not sure if that's still the case, but that's what I heard last time my technical team asked.


What I do is I simply post (upload) a complementary picture to alleviate this. 

Thanks for your answer.

Is there any update to this? I'm trying to convince the company to use Yammer to improve our internal communication/distribution of information and its pretty hard when the yammer feed looks as boring as it does (with no preview images). And having to separately upload an acompanying images isn't a solution in my opinion.

Microsoft, please! We need an answer from you on this, a direction whether to work out 'workarounds' for this or to add some custom efforts on our internal sites to better match the picture/content parsing of Yammer! LinkedIn have no problem with this, neither Facebook? Can't you follow their approach/standards?

I'm getting the previews for the TED website now. Concerning internal websites (previous comment on this thread), isn't that documented here? I'm seeing title and image in the code and assume that you can't get that to work, but I'm not a developer and don't know how difficult this is. Expect it to be more complex as Yammer would need access to the information on internal sites, while the previews are normally generated for websites that are available publicly. This is also why I'm not sure if you can get it to work for SharePoint. I'm still getting just a link and no previews when sharing links to pages on SharePoint Online. My assumption is that we have to wait for an update for that to work. There has been an update regarding SharePoint News & Teams and this does generate a preview in the channel in Teams. More info on that here. Would be great if previews for SharePoint Online pages would work out of the box.