Yammer Links Preview - thumbnail image, title and description not showing from some sites

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When posting links to Yammer, thumbnail image, title & description are not showing. This is not the case for ALL sites, but for some.  Links to our own public website do not show this information. We are trialling Yammer as an internal collaboration tool & 'boring' links are a big disincentive.


e.g. the first example is a link to content on our public website:


yammer error 1.jpg


And this is a link to a different website:


yammer error 2.jpg



These are all defined in the page metadata on our website, and work as they should on other social channels.

<meta property="og:type" content="website" />
<meta property="og:title" content="New tradescantia biocontrol agent released in Rotorua" />
<meta property="og:description" content="Dogs in the Rotorua area could see their dermatitis clear up with the world’s first field release of..." />


It is not only our website that causes problems - some sites work, and some do not.  I've checked the og: metadata for comparison between those that work and those that don't, and haven't found anything obvious.


Has anyone found a way to fix this?


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Any update on this ? 

A client has a similar issue, and it's proving a huge headache.


We have the open graph tags set , and the facebook share crawler detects them just fine, as does the open graph crawler. 


Here is an example of the open graph tags we are using: 


Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 10.42.08.png


 There is no consistency even between posts on the same website. For example 

https://www.currencyuk.co.uk/blog/fx-news/daily-market-news/rudd-resigns-and-pound-continues-migrati... pulls through *some* meta data ( though not necessarily from the og tags) where else sharing https://www.currencyuk.co.uk/blog/fx-news/daily-market-news/inflation-levels-off-and-the-pound-sinks...  pulls through NO meta data. 


I am beginning to doubt that the Yammer crawler even looks at the og meta tags for share links, since when pages without the tags are shared an image and title is sometimes pulled through fine. The crawler seems to parse the html and find the title tag, and whatever image. 


Can someone at Yammer please write some documentation / let us know how data is pulled from these links ? 









Hi, we have the same problem with linking to our SharePoint pages - no image or description is pulled through. We are starting to roll out modern team sites, in particular Communications sites, and I had assumed that the page images at least would get pulled through but that's not the case.


If we could get some information on the metadata fields Yammer uses for link thumbnail and description, then we could at least create and populate those.




Was searching for the answer to this and notice there doesn't appear to be one here.

@Karen Scott have you had any luck figuring it out?

If you are seeing issues with weblinks being misrepresented, please report it as a bug with customer support team. Weblinks with OGO tags like the ones @Karen Scott and @Emilie Dannenberg  shared should be displaying an image preview, small description, and thumbnail. In regards to previews for sites (SharePoint sites, news, documents in Onedrive or SharePoint) we are working on that.

@Madhuri Tondepu - Any update on this.  I would love to be able to write articles on SharePoint with images and have those images be shown in the preview as opposed to having to having to post an image along with the link.  Anyone find a good way to do this or workaround this?  I was considering writing articles in PowerPoint, sharing a link to it, and making the first slide my image

Nevermind - the PowerPoint link has the same problem as described in the post on 11-7-2019
It's 2022 and there seems to be no update - as with others in this thread, I want to post a link to a landing page via Yammer, but the thumbnail isn't being pulled through - only the very unappealing Sharepoint thumbnail, with the accompanying description. Hardly surprising that a recent post garnered very little attention - 25 views, out of a group of over 400 people.