Yammer Launch help.

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Dear team,

My company name is HST and it is a consulting firm, we will be launching our "Yammer" in a week time. i was  under the time pressure and i don't have any idea what to present at the inauguration ceremony. anyone who can help me with short video clips that shows the power of yammer or something fun that can be presented , i would appreciate it.

please help.

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Videos here may be useful



What to present?

Hopefully you're launching with some Yammer Groups already created - groups that align with specific business goals. Highlight those!  Hopefully those groups have some posts or at least a welcome message from the group owners. Create some "conversation starter" posts in those groups.


What else?

Testimonials from execs about the goal for the Yammer implementation. Why are you launching Yammer? Have the exec tell them.