Yammer is requiring confirmation of posts sent via email

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Starting on July 8, 2017, Yammer is requiring confirmation of every post sent via email, even though I am looking right at the Notification Settings where it has "Email me when....", "I post a message via email (This will send a confirmation email)" and this is unchecked.


When I look at "Network Admin", "Configuration", under "Email Settings", the setting "Require all users in your network to confirm their posts made by email before posting" is unchecked.


Yet, when anyone emails to mydomain.com@yammer.com, they get an email back asking them to confirm the posting. Is this broken?


This was working for months before with no problems and no confirmations.



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This is not my experience in my network.


Note that for each user the require confirmation may be on by default but those users can go to their settings and not require confirmation.

The email gateway is going to check inbound mail and they have always reserved the right to require confirmation for messages to prevent SPAM.





"To ensure the most seamless end user experience when using Yammer through an email client, it is recommended that SPF and/or DKIM is configured within your email system. If these configurations are not in place, users may be required to take additional steps to verify every message sent to Yammer by email."

I'm experiencing the same problem. I'm finally in a situation where I have leadership interest in using Yammer via group sharing of sales leads that can be sent to a Yammer Group via email, but now everyone has to confirm their posts. Is there any way to turn this function off? As stated above, the "require all users to confirm their posts" box is unchecked in my configuration settings.