Yammer in Teams Tab not working

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Hi, we have created a Yammer tab in Teams, but there are two issues:

1) People cannot edit their comments as there is no functionality to do so (they need to go to Yammer or to do it from the Yammer app at the right-hand-side bar of Teams)

2) URL Thumbnails do not appear when you posted from Yammer in Teams tab. 


In addition; I find that Yammer app in the right-hand-side bar of Teams do not pin permanently to the bar (when you pin it may disappear so we need to look back for it in Apps)


Has Yammer App for Teams been designed this way or are we doing something wrong? 

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I have a similar problem.

A Yammer community has been integrated in a Team created in Teams.
People from different organisations have been added to the Team and the Yammer community.

I can access to the Team, see the posts and files but I receive this message when I try to visit the Yammer page in Teams: "There was a problem reaching this app. Retry".


However I received and accepted the Yammer invitation I received in my mailbox and I can open it in Google Chrome but not from within Teams. Is this because Yammer is not installed on this pc or what is the cause of this problem and how can I solve this?


Thank you in advance,


Hello @YammerTeam 


Same issue here. We are rolling out Teams in our company and we have created a very usefull FAQ Community for adoption. We've added the Yammer tab in several Teams, but members cannot see it.


Please help. Where does the issue come from? 


Thank you a lot for your help :)