Yammer in Sharepoint Online posts in random order

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We're using the Yammer web part in Sharepoint Online and since last week it's sorting posts randomly.

Even after Shift+F5 it's always coming up with a different post on top.

What's wrong?

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I "solved" this by installing the old Yammer. The new one is totally unusable in it''s current state when messages appear in random order, from April 2020 or August 2020. Unacceptable.

@mleijzer What are you inserting in the web part?  A community feed? Or the Home Feed?


If it's the Home Feed, then "random" posts that change every refresh would be the intended behavior that you can also see by going to the Home Feed in New Yammer in a browser. Each time to you refresh it fetches new suggestions for you, similar to other tools with non-chronological feeds.

It's a community feed