Yammer handles links to SharePoint badly

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Below is a SharePoint page from our intranet shared on Yammer and under that is the news webpage shared on Yammer:- 




As you can see the news website (BBC) looks passable in Yammer. However, the SharePoint link looks terrible. Specifically no image is brought through from SharePoint hence the post does not look at all visually impressive. 


This seems strange because I would expect if anything Microsoft products to be better integrated with each other. (Indeed given Yammer now uses SharePoint for its file management this behaviour seems particularly strange). 

It also doesn't seem to make much business sense. If SharePoint is pitched as the place to build your intranet and yammer is the social media platform for the company.... surely sharing intranet pages via your enterprise social media platform is a rather obvious use case!

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I think it's because the SharePoint link requires authentication unlike the Beeb. I wish there was someway MS could make it work though.
Perhaps. But given you now need 3rd party cookies in Yammer (so as you can use SharePoint storage), I would have thought that getting SharePoint links to display in an elegant way should be feasible!
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