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I would like to have a public Yammer group but with a Communication Site instead a Team Site on Sharepoint. Is there a way to realize that? Because in Yammer there are the links to the Office 365 ressources and I would like to link to the "right" Sharepoint site.



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I do not think you can currently chose which SharePoint site template is applied when the Yammer with connected group is created. You could add a Yammer part to the Communications Site and point it at the target Yammer group.

One option might be to create a reserved Yammer group with the membership tied to a group in Azure AD and then use that same group to manage the membership of the Communications site?
The workarounds suggested below are probably your best bet today. It's a request we are familiar with but unfortunately not currently supported by Office 365 groups.

This feels like a valid use case and something we have been thinking about the same concept particularly when you use Yammer groups with an 'Internal Communications' lens.  We want our business functions to have a light presence on our publishing intranet using say a Communications SharePoint site for their 'shop window'.  Tied to this would be their open Yammer group used for interaction with the rest of the organisation and linking through to say a library of documents that would be shared ... Thats how I'd want it to work.


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We have some interesting things being announced at Ignite this year that will cover some of this. I can't get into details but just know that we are on the similar path.

We plan to use this mechanism to create a set of 'Core' Yammer groups that every employee needs to be a member of in order to ensure they receive (not necessarily read -its their choice) all the Internal Communications for their role and location.


Garry @ Selfridges

I hope we can remove access to Planner and OneNote on a Yammer O365 Connected Group attached to a Communications Site ... neither of these would make sense for many business scenarios.  Remove the links as well in the Yammer interface.  On a wider note I'd like this capability on any Yammer O365 Connected Group - we have many use cases that simply need access to the SharePoint site.


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