Yammer group vs Office 365 group


Yammer Groups <=> Office 365 group: What the ideal way of working is and what the futur will bring = I don't know

Just have a question : Is it possible to create a yammer group based on an existing Office 365 group and vice versa?

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Have a look at this, it may answer some of your questions, especially towards the end of the post


Yammer Loses Out in Office 365 Collaboration Stakes


also look out for this on the roadmap


Yammer integration with Office 365 Groups


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1. It's best to think of Office 365 Groups as a service that enables lots of types of experiences. I think what you're referring to here is "Outlook Groups" which is based on O365 Groups. And as the previous poster pointed out, Yammer Groups will be integrated with the same service soon.


2. As for what the ideal way of working is... that's the $1M question, isn't it? It really depends on the type, culture, and size of the team. In general, the more transparent you want to be, the more I'd recommend Yammer. Here's my go-to post about how to think about the whole toolbox: Which Tool When, v3.0

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By Office 365 Groups what you actually mean is Groups in Outlook. Very soon Yammer groups will get all the same features as Groups in Outlook get - a shared calendar, SharePoint Team site, OneNote, Planner, Power BI etc. The only difference being that instead of having an email distribution list power the converstaion of the group, you will have a Yammer group feed.



Cian Allner, that first link of yours by Tony is a terrific summary. I appreciate the tip.