Yammer Group sorting-- A/B Testing?

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First time posting here, so feel free to redirect or point me in the right direction if I'm off base. Is anyone else seeing inconsistencies in their group list sort functionality? Everything seems to is alphabatized, but special characters are being ignored. This is a bit frustrating because we've put together a naming convention where all "official" groups have an asterick at the beginning. Now they aren't being sorted together. For example, all of the groups in the attached screen shot start wth the Letter "B." one of them is an "official" group so it starts with an asterick. Shouldn't it be with all the other astericked groups, not with the B.


There seems to be some A/B testing going on because different members of my team are seeing different things.


Tried uploading a screen shot, but doesn't seem to want to upload.  



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This nice functionality is Yammer's way of testing different updates. Meaning that new updates in Yammer are tested in two groups A/B, which explains the inconsistency in your Yammer for different users. I was quite amazed to find out from Premier support that their testing is like this and you can't change it or change the groups for certain people.

Right, I'm familiar with this testing and have also been frustrated with the way they approach it in the past. What I'm more concerned about is that that it's seemingly not working (in my opinion) because it ignores the special characters!

Are you talking about the listing of groups in the left navigation?  If so, that is not an alphabetical listing at all, but rather it is indicative of the value to the individual user.  As a person interacts with a particular group more often or or more meaningfully, it is floated closer to the top of that list.  "All Network" / "All Company" is always listed last.


@Amy Dolzine has long campaigned for the idea of an Official Groups feature.  Would be a good idea to ask for that feature in the Yammer Uservoice site.