Yammer Group Image - why is it so difficult ...

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... to get it to display correctly?  I must be some kind of idiot because this should be easy.  I've re-sized, cropped, changed the dpi and who knows what else in my trial and error toolbox.  Here's an idea why can't we get that some of that tech they use in Linkedin to create the right look for your profile pic or maybe the way eBay allows you to precisely create photo you want ... Please product team - can we get the basics right ...

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I've not had any issues with group images. Can you provide more details/examples? 


It would certainly help to start with a square-cropped image, since that's the aspect ratio used for the group image.

That is way too much trouble for a little image like that! Like Kevin says, if you haven't used a square image, try that; I also make sure that if there are words in my avatar, that they are brief, centered, and in a large/readable font after the resize that happens when uploading. Same with a key image. I don't usually try to resize beforehand.

Hi Garry, 


This reference is a bit dated (2012) but have you seen this advice?




Yammer Groups Info.png