Yammer Group Cleanup

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Does anyone know how to get a list of Yammer groups that meet the following criteria? 


1. All groups not used in 1 year

2. All groups that have less than 50 posts

3. Group Admin(s) Info (email/name)


We are trying to conduct a group cleanup of inactive groups but need a way to get this data.


Thanks, in advance!


CC: @Antoine Snow

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I would add to this - a way to get Group Admin information in the same report. 

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Yes!  There is some new functionality available to help you with this.  From the O365 Admin Center if you click Reports Usage, you can now access some Yammer Group reporting options that previously were not available. 


At the top of that usage reports page, click on Select a report, and then click on Yammer Groups activity.


This will show you the number of posts, the admin info, and you can add other columns as well.  It also allows you to export the report.


Yammer Groups ReportYammer Groups Report

Hey Joseph, if you are interested in a 3rd party solution that has this very capability, please let me know. Happy to discuss further.

FWIW that "number of posts" is only the number of posts in the reporting period (e.g. 180 days), not literally the number of posts in the group.  The total number of posts is available in the Network Admin/data export, however it is not user-friendly (this is where the kind folks at TyGraph may be helpful).