Yammer Free / Basic Anayltics Dashboard Reporting Benchmarking


Are there any analytic options for the Yammer Free/Basic Version? The apps I have available all require verified network admin approval. I came across 2 older on-line articles that state there is analytics for the basic version - however,  I have not been able to find anything. Was this option available at one time? Thank you!

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Yammer once had a basic analytics function (counts of members, posts, etc) when it was a stand-alone product. It was deprecated when Yammer became part of O365. The Analytics packages in market are much richer solutions to enable community managers to gain in-depth insights into network activity and performance.
There were analytics previously built in, but these have been moved out to the Office 365 admin reporting.
So if you want analytics then you'll need to upgrade to Enterprise as part of Office 365.