Yammer for Windows Desktop app is here

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It's being discussed over in Change Alerts but I thought it was worth mentioning here. The Yammer App for Windows has been released.  Users are starting to get notifications of its availability, possible though First Release Select users only:


Yammer Desktop App Notification.png 


Thanks to @Sean Boudreau for the screenshot and details!  Looking forward to seeing the official announcement, which I don't think has been posted yet.

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It works fine. however, embedded stream video is not working in this app.
It is an A/B test and there is a macOS client as well.

The video embedding issue is a known bug I saw an acknowledgement of on another site.

There's a message in the O365 Message Center about this as of today. (also: Mac client is also released)

I saw the pop up for this appear for me in Yammer a few days ago, but at the time I dismissed it. Now, I can't find out how to download. Is there a direct link available to download?

(The annoucement about this is visible in our O365 Tenant Messages)

This is the direct Windows download link (I don't have the direct link for the Mac version):



Here's a new drop for the Windows client:



Can someone share a link to the macOS version?




(Yes, sorry Yammer, we might be screwing with your A/B testing... but darn it, we're loving the client).

These are the actual links offered by by the web UX.



When a PowerPoint presentation is viewed in Yammer Desktop, there are two "Download" buttons:

One at the top:


And one at the bottom:


The bottom one works well, it immediately opens the browse window to specify where to save it.


The top one, however, wants to download it via the default browser. If the user is not logged in to Yammer in the default browser, an empty page is displayed, not even an error message, that you are not logged in, and no options to navigate to the logon page either.

A quick update, the Yammer for Windows and Mac desktop app is being released for all users on the 18th September.  This is confirmed accordingly in a Message center post.  Here is the getting started guide.

Somehow the given aka links are not downloading the client for me.

It shows the download popup and when I say "Save" it fails immediately.

I thus found the original blob links behind the aka links, which actually works when you hit them directly.


64bit - https://yammerdesktopapp.blob.core.windows.net/binaries/dist/win32/x64/Yammer-x64-1.3.1.exe 


32bit - https://yammerdesktopapp.blob.core.windows.net/binaries/dist/win32/ia32/Yammer-ia32-1.3.1.exe

Neither link work for me unfortunately! Says the file is corrupt.

Yeah, the same happened to me too. But I tried couple of more times and it finally allowed me to download.

You might also want to try different browser.

When is this going to be published in the Store? Us Windows 10-S users are missing it.