Yammer for News Article Commenting

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Would anyone be willing to share some screen shots of their SharePoint pages that are using Yammer for commenting purposes?  Specifically for news type articles and not on the modern pages.  We have this partially working, but I'm running into a couple issues.


1.  Every time someone comments on the article it creates a new conversation.  Ideally we want one conversation per article and all responses should fall under that.  Or somehow the conversations need to be organized so users on the page and in Yammer both understand what they are commenting on. 


2.  Every time someone makes a new comment it includes a link to the article in a very ugly block.  Seems like there should be a better way to format.  It consumes a lot of space on the page. 


3. Users shouldn't need anything more than read access to the SharePoint page that has the Yammer feed on it correct?  I'm finding some odd behavior where a user with only read access is able to post on the page, but when they return to the page they only see their comments.  Likewise other users viewing that page do not see this particular users comments.  Still investigating this.


If anyone would like to share how they are accomplishing this it would be greatly appreciated. 


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