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Hi Yammer Community.


I am currently working on deploying Yammer in my company. Once it's deployed and we're using it for a while internally, I will be looking to bring students into Yammer.


Has anyone got Yammer setup for students? If so could you please comment on this so I can run a few questions by you. I would like to see how other educators are using it effectively.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @deankingdk,


I support O365 at a Canadian university. Yammer was one of the first workloads that we brought to students for collaboration. We explored classroom-based Yammer groups but it did not get the uptake that we had hoped for.


The proliferation of Teams has added some confusion to our users and generally speaking they see Teams and as a better platform for synchronous/asynchronous teaching and collaboration.


Yammer is still in use for "All company" communications i.e. service outages. Within IT we are positioning Yammer for open knowledge communities. For example, an "Office 365" Yammer group where we make announcements about feature changes, Q&A, etc.


Outside of the classroom, Yammer is still relevant for social engagement among students. I believe it provides a form of social supports while they are away from home or perhaps in a different country with a different culture or learning a new language, etc.


I believe Yammer will find its place in Office 365 and will be part of the total educational experience for students, instructors, and staff alike. Reach out if I can help further in any way.






PS - The new Yammer experience is awesome!