Yammer Files and the Office 365 Resources SharePoint Document Library

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I asked a colleague for a copy of her presentation and she pointed me to the Yammer group where she placed it.  Great.  The top center masthead in every Yammer group has a link to "Files".  I go to the group, click on "Files", and the presentation isn't there.  Hmmm... Before going back to her I check the newly pinned Office 365 Resource: SharePoint Document Library and voila, found it. 


Is this a bug?  Is there a plan to fix the user navigation when searching for a file from a Yammer group?


Couple of suggestions on ways to do this:


- Make the "Files" navigation include content hosted in the the associated document library

- Move the"Files" link to "Office 365 Resouces", nested under the Document Library and titled "Yammer Files" or "Legacy Yammer Files"

- From the Document Library show the "Yammer Files" as a folder


Lastly, are there any plans to moove Yammer "Files" to the associated Document Library?  That would be similar in concept to Microsoft's announced plan to convert "Yammer Notes" to Word Online documents. #files #yammersharepoint #office365resources

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I think, ultimately, the Yammer-group files will be more unified, but for today, since O365 Groups are so new, we have both the SharePoint one and the legacy one.  

One of the presentations on roadmap I watched online implied that Notes and Files will migrate to OneNote and SharePoint eventually.

I had to get permission to share it, but yes, this is DEFINITELY in the works.  No timeline yet, but it's going to happen.  The OneNote is the site notebook in SharePoint.  At least that's the plan.