Yammer failing to render in MS IE or MS Edge - blank page displayed


Since this morning (+11GMT) we have a high number of IE and Edge users for which Yammer is rendering a blank page.  Coincidentally the new O365 Groups integration rolled out on our Tenant this morning as well.


Clearing cache, resetting browser does not resolve it; however, connecting to a external hotspot (eg phone) and bypassing our Web Gateway/Filter allows the page to render, then coming back to our enterprise network - all seems fine.


Have there been any URL/resource changes required by Yammer?

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It is now spreading across all user.  When using Chrome - yammer starts to load, waits, waits, waits then after ~60 seconds renders the page.


From that point further loads in Chrome are instantaneous.


HELP.... we are dead in the water... any ideas?

THis was resolved throug adding additional Microsoft URLs to our UTM and updating rules around Microsoft Updates.