Yammer External Groups and Security Groups

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We have a security group that has external users in it.  I was hoping that I could make a yammer external group and have the security group as members.  But this doesn't seem to be working.  


The best solution for me would have been office 365 connected yammer group and invite users to it, but it doesn't look like yammer resects the guests of office 365 connected groups. 


Just wondering what people have been able to do, trying to avoid adding each user individually to yammer.


Also while we are talking about external users, is there a way besides an external network to allow guest users from domains like gmail.  It is my understanding that domain like gmail are not allowed as external users for yammer.  All the external users will have an account is Azure AD already, unless there is a way to utilize the guest users of office 365 connected groups, then a workflow where were user creation from yammer would make more sense then making the users from SharePoint or Azure AD.

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@Jeff Williams., good questions. As long as people have work email addresses, you should be able to add them to an external group in your home network. There is no group member export tool, so you would need to do this manually, or upload a .csv file.


Yeah, as things stand now, they only way to welcome external users who use a gmail/yahoo/aol address is in an external network. We do that all the time.

Yep, what @Larry Glickman said! I do like your ideas, @Jeff Williams.


Also, while an External Group has a certain ease of use to it, if you do find that a fair amount of the users will have non-corporate emails, an External Network is technically also just a click away, and in my experience allows for good growth along with segmentation of topics. 

@Larry Glickman @Becky_Benishek Thank you for the responses.  Unfortunately there are a good handful of people who would need access who use gmail/hotmail/aol/etc. for their "work" email.  Its a space with a good amount of people are just in the development process of getting their business off the ground. 


So it sounds like I need to take a look at external network even though it really is just going to be a single group.  Next thing will be making sure that the yammer based SharePoint webparts work with external networks.


Thanks for the information.