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I have a few questions regarding external participants and external groups.
1. Can external participants access Public internal groups and/or Public external groups - or just the group(s) they are a member of?
2. Can participants members see the All Company group?
3. How are participants members identified on a Yammer network?

---I found this FAQ (External Messaging FAQ:(

Q: When I add an external participant to a conversation do they enter my network?

A: No. External participants can only participate in conversations they have been explicitly invited to. They access these conversations via their Yammer inbox (on their network). They have no access to the rest of your network. ---

I would like to verify this is the same for "external groups" as it is for "conversations"


Thank you!

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To answer your questions:
1. They can only access the external groups that they are a member of
2. They cannot access the All Company group
3. Their organisation name will be displayed after their name. So a normal user would be "Joe Bloggs" but a guest would show up as "Joe Bloggs CompanyName"

Also groups that have external members will display a notification every time you post that it's visible to external people.

Thank you Loryan! That is excellent!