Yammer Event Calendar and O365

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We're running O365 where we have some internal users but the majority of our users who are part of our Yammer groups are outside the organization.  I'd like to be able to automatically notify the Yammer groups (actually, just one of the 6 groups we have) of upcoming Events and such.  Ideally, it would be great to be able to do this from an existing calendar within O365.  I cannot, for the life of me, determine how to generate automatic notifications to the Yammer group from anywhere, quite frankly.  Any ideas or suggestions?  Thank you.

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Microsoft Flow would be a possible solution. It has triggers for a new event in an Office 365 calendar and can write a post to Yammer.

The good news is every Yammer group will soon get a shared Outlook calendar so you can do exactly this. More details will be announced later this month but @Naomi Moneypenny wrote a great article about Yammer & Office 365 groups last month... https://naomimoneypenny.com/2016/08/24/yammers-place-in-office-365-groups/

Hi All 


The customer is looking into Yammer vs Facebook Workplace for their corporate internal and exteral communication between internal staff and external vendors. 

They are specifically looking into the following: 


  1. Tracking by Organisers (e.g. # Going, Maybe, Not going) and if this data can be exported. We checked and our primarily investigations research showed that these kinds of events management modules are NOT YET available in  Yammer but available in the Facebook workplace.

  2.  Pre-Event polls e.g. asking questions for TownHall, polls to vote on Questions),  during event (e.g. Live polls, live streaming of videos)  and  post-Event feedback (e.g. Polls)

    We found that Yammer Event Mangement lacks these event polls and Live videos as Facebook Workplace is more suited for that organization. 

  3. Sharing the videos and documents. In our investigation in Yammer is more suited on this aspect. 

Can someone please share more details and associated links with respect to Yammer event management capabilities


Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.