Yammer embed: why does "my/home" feed show same content as "all company " feed?


Struggling to make sense out of Msft's choices here. According to the yammer embed doc:

"In Embed My Feed/Home feed, users will see an algorithmic assortment of Yammer posts from their groups and other public groups in their Yammer network. "


This simply isn't true. The posts shown are the exact same as the all company feed. That's not the case when comparing home and all co directly in a browser. How do I show what the above quote promises? IE what shows in home NOT all company.

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@matt howell Let's make sure we are being precise with the nomenclature here.


For the embed - it should be the same as you see with the Discovery tab on the Yammer home page.


But that is NOT the same as the All Company group messages/"feed". All Company is when you click on it from the left nav in the groups section. That shows you just messages in that group.