Yammer embed webpart - Govern amount of characters displayed in each post or truncate lines?

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a couple of site collections (team sites, not modern) in our tenant employ the Yammer add-in webpart to display a channel. Sometimes, when the posts are long there's only this one post that the webpart would display. Is it possible to govern the govern amount of characters displayed in each post? In other words, it would be nice to have the post be truncated after let's say 5 lines so that what the Yammer webpart displays is only a preview and thus a take-off-board to go to yammer.com.




In this image, the red rectangle represents the content of one post. To get to the posts beneath it the user has to scroll down to get to older posts which can get annoying if the stream is very active.

Is there a way to "truncate" the post at a certain line (indicated by the arrow)?


I was thinking of  using CSS for that but so far I couldn't get it to display properly.


Thanks in advance for your replies.

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